The Dutch Brand Zazu was established in 2013 by two parents of 3 young children. They assume their own brand together to develop children's products. Zazu creates items to give you and your kids a better night's sleep.

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Zazu collection
so you'll find endless children's items at Zazu such as a Night light fin with timer . These night lights are also available without a timer. You will also find a nice hug with heart rate, a sleeping trainer, ... each in the form of a nice animal.

Sleeping training with Zazu
The cute PINGUIN PAM or sheep Sam works as well as sleeping trainer and as a night light. Perfect combination for your capon because small kids often don't know when it's time to get out of bed. With Zazu Pam your child teaches this in a fun and efficient way! In this way your child is not at your bed to get up for five in the morning! Because a good night's sleep is worth gold!

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