MiniSoii was co-founded by Hand Todd. Hand Todd lived in different continents when they found ideas for innovative and handy products to simplify her life as a parent at . In this way MiniCoii was born to share these items throughout the world.

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Durability at Minikoioi
Their Focus is on sustainable items with an eye to a functional and unique design. This way you have the super fun mini-ooi bowls in all kinds of different colors. These bowls from minikoii are super handy to use your little one to make his first snacks smoothly!

mini-oii bowls
The mini noise Bowls are made from silicone and perfectly stick to the table. No floating plates more during the food so! These Bowls from Minikoii are also included including a lid. So you can eat the food so super simple in this bowl.

You can also heat the food in this bowl in the microwave oven and even in the oven (without lid)! These nice bowls from minikoioi are not allowed in the dishwasher.

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