Avent is a brand that belongs to the Philips company. May sound familiar to you. From the start innovation is extremely important at Philips. They therefore want to create innovations that are important and relevant to humans!

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Philips Avent Collection
With the AVENT range you will find all kinds of things that the mums can use to facilitate their life as a parent to . This brand does not think of all kinds of things such as the Sterilizer of Avent, a Bottle warmer , but also a manual or Electric breast pump , Breeding bottles , ....

Avent sterilizer
the Avent Sterilizer works based on steam that is also used in hospitals. This way this is done Quick , simple and efficient without chemical agents. It is important that you sterilize the tickets and bottles daily in the first months. From 6 months it is enough to sterilize this weekly.

Avent bottle warmer
with the Avent Premium Bottle warmer warm up your little one in minutes. This bottle warmer contains a smart temperature control . This prevents milk and baby food to overheat. Would you like to freeze baby food so that you just have to defrost it in the evening and ready? That is also possible with the Bottle warmer Avent. This frozen food is very easy.


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