Kid's concept

Kid's concept is a Swedish design company. Because the children's room was more important, three exuberant ladies found this nice company in 2007. Parents are looking for a nice theme to make the children's room unique. Kid's concept designs and produces items that you could mix and match. 

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Toys collection

Do you find all kinds of toys where your capon spends hours of play? With the Kid's concept baby walker takes your little one to your or her toys everywhere. In addition, you also dress the children's room very well with children's items such as Kid's concept crib and a nice carpet of this lovely brand.

Let's bake in our toy kitchen!

Your kitchen prince(s) experience infinite play with the kid's concept kitchen. The wooden play kitchen and accompanying accessories of these cute toys are all made of wood. You expand the kitchen with all kinds of extra accessories such as the tasty eggs in a box of six.

And do not forget the kid's concept kitchen oven with a baking tray! This is available in different colors, has real rotary knobs and the "real" click sound. How cool is that? This kitchen oven is available for kids from 3 years. What a dream kitchen

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