Petit Monkey

Petit Monkey is a English brand founded by Coretty Wierdsma. They create nice mustaves for kids and other accessories. The collection that you find at Petit Monkey was designed together with famous designers and they attract a lot of colors that attract the children.

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Petit Monkey School Collection
At Petit Monkey you will find everything you need to find for the first School Day of your little darling. Petit Monkey backpack & amp; Case ? CHECK! Bread box ? CHECK! Cooking box ? CHECK! Drinking bottle ? Double check! At Petit Monkey they think of everything, your little darling will soon go to school /crèche with a well-filled backpack!

Drinking bottles of Petit Monkey
The Drinking bottles from Petit Monkey there are in different colors and formats! First of all, it is a real party to drink a Petit Monkey drinking cups with the cute prints, glitter , ....

But at Petit Monkey you will also find all kinds of different drinking bottles. The normal drinking bottle to, for example, water to have a straw. This straw is easy to collapse so leak-free!

They also have thermal drinking bottles in their assortment. You can choose between a folding straw or a swivel case. The advantage of these bottles is that drinking your little treasure remains nice and fresh throughout the day! And these drinking bottles are also super fancy!

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