Jollein is the brand name of the successful company Smits Assen e.g. Founded in 1973. They sell baby room textiles and accessories. Every year, Jollein makes new collections. Important there is that all the items in these new collections are practically applicable. The items are high quality and they take into account market developments

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Sleeping time with Jollein

Wherever you are, your little flamingo dreams deliciously with Jollein's items in the bedroom. The baby room only leaves the most beautiful dreams with the baby blankets and the cute baby nest. The baby nests are real cocoons in which your child gets a secure feeling and is wonderfully comfortable and soft.

And is your little treasure ready for his /her first sleeping party? Jolleins nests take you everywhere. This is how your capon sleeps equally well everywhere! The Jollein sleeping bag is of course also included.

The baby nest is adjustable. Place your baby's head at the rounding and feet at the gear cord. If your little one starts to role bulbs and independent revolves it is certainly recommended to use this nest under supervision.

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