Atelier Pierre

Atelier Pierre is a family business since the beginning of the 20 E century A family was creative entrepreneurs. Atelier Pierre consists of two words. Pierre refers to the great-grandfather Pierre of Halst. This name emphasizes the personality and authenticity in this company.

With Atelier they refer to the environment for starting designers. They want to give them the chance to develop their first collection of unique living accessories . In this studio they look at craft, make, shaping, ....

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Time to Nap
Wow, you saw the wonderful Night lights AL from Atelier Pierre? The night lights you see in many different shapes with LED lighting. You will find the lights in the form of a nice LED rocket, a nice Swan or a cool Lion ! Some of them even have a speaker on which you can connect your GSM.

Miffy Collection of Atelier Pierre
The Nijntjes Collection from Atelier Pierre is a real Musthave in The baby room! You will find Nijntje also returned to different items. For example, you have Walldeco from Nijntje, a nice Money box and a magnetic board in the Form of your favorite Miffy! You can find the Atelier Pierre money boxes in all sorts of different sizes and are also available in different colors.

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