Sleeping bags

Sleeping time! Does your baby enjoy from a delicious nap or would he or she prefer to stay as long as possible? With a nice Jollein swaddler sleeping bag  you wrap your child completely and so he or she could dream the most beautiful dreams! 

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These sleeping bags are suitable for children from 0 to 3 months. It gives them a whole salvaged feel and your child does not wake up by arriving at the face with his arms.

For the children from 3 months you have ordinary sleeping bags. There are several sleeping bags available for the summer, winter and even intersection bags!

  • The Trixie or Little Dutch sleeping bags Winter keep your baby warm during the winter and cold fall days! These are equipped with long sleeves .
  • The Little Dutch sleeping bags Summer are the perfect solution during a Warm summer day . These leaf bags prevent your child from rolling out, climbs harder from the bed and does not won't be exposed.

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