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In 2003, shortly after the birth of their first son, Michael and Ellen started Skip Hop. Ellen was looking for baby stuff that was beautiful, affordable, and practical. Because she didn't find what she was looking for, she decided to make it herself. "Musthaves Made Better" became their motto. And you also notice that: Today, Skip Hop develops all items that you need in the first years of parenthood.

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ZOO Collection

For small animal friends, Skip Hop brought a full collection of nice animal prints. In this line, you will find both dining sets, snack- and lunchboxes as drinking bottles. Guarantee fun with the toy from skip hop!

Bath collection

In the bath collection, you will find everything you need to bathe your little one. And to create your small water rat completely bath proof, Skip Hop provides the Moby growing bath and a non-slip bath mat. For example, your little flamingo has the nicest time together with the skip hop bath toys. He /she is therefore completely ready to be washed in a safe environment. Splish Splash!

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