Jellycat is a British Company founded in 1999, in London. New soft cuddly designs are launched every year in January and July. They know to surprise us every year with new original and quirky collections!

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cuddle with jellycat!
as much fun Hugs in the jellycat assortment. The best friends of your small capon are often his or her tuty and the hug natural. At Jellycat they have so many nice cuddles in the assortment that will be too small the bed of your little one! But your capon dreams the most beautiful dreams with his or her favorite cuddle collection close.

How about a crazy octopus in blue or pink? Or prefer your capon from a hug in the shape of a sweet mouse, Bunny or a mammal? At Jellycat you will remain endlessly doubting about the favorite hug from your capoent, because there are just a lot of fun in their assortment!

Curious about all the stuffed animals that we selected from Jellycat ? Discover them here!


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