Play Carpets

With a playing mat, your child always plays on a warm surface. Your child sits or is super soft and they also fit super in the interior ! Even if your child loses his or her balance, he or she is soft on the fun playing carpet of, for example, Nobodinoz or Elodie details.

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Nobodinoz playing carpet
the round Nobodinoz playing carpets have a diameter of 105 cm. There are of course other forms available in the range of the players of Nobodinoz, always in nice prints and colors.

play and go storage bag and matte
also find the Play and Go Storage bags /play mats. These are super handy and multifunctional. If you open the storage bag, you actually make a nice play mat. Here you can play your kids. Afterwards you put everything on the play mat and make a storage bag back. Super simple and everything is immediately cleaned!

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