Jeanne Le Studio

Jeanne Le Studio was founded in full coronacrisis in May 2020 by Jana. But please, call her jeanne. Jeanne lives in Belgium, more specifically West Flanders and is mama of 3 small caps. Jeanne was equally unemployed during the beginning of Covid what made them for a while only with her 3 Brussels sprouts. Jeanne van Jeanne Le Studio noticed that she loved the slow living atmosphere during this moment in her life.

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The idea of ​​Jeanne Le Studio was created the moment Jeanne didn't find what she was looking for her youngest daughter. At that moment she thought she could be better and whether she succeeded! We love the Jeanne Le Studio collection and love her timeless designs!

The collections of Jeanne Le Studio are fully handmade. The designs therefore fit perfectly in your interior. Both your child and yourself enjoy endless from these beautiful items. Yay!

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