Jeune Premier

Jeune Premier was founded by Bruno and Hélène, a pharmacist and a lawyer. When their son of two years left for the first time to school, they didn't find the right school bag for their caps. Because Hélène had a good eye for detail, she decided to create one myself. The first book bag of Jeune Premier was born in Ostend.

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Backpacks Jeune Premier

This brand soon grew into a great success. So you now find the nice Bookcases of Jeune Prime Minister also come back to us in the assortment. And whether they are fun!

The book bags from Jeune Premier are available in different sizes. That way you always have a spacious storage compartment to store a delicious lunch, the drinking bottle, and the school things.

Adjustable rug belts

The rugs of the Jeune Premier book bag are adjustable. And the book bag is made from a 100% water-repellent canvas. These book bags also always have super fun prints! So you have the backpack with a nice alpaca, a Vikings bookbag,... Is your favorite in between?

Discover here all books bags in our range of Jeune Premier!


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