Wellmark was founded by Marleen van den Bogaart. Her current job at that time no longer made her happy, so she decided to say it and start a new story. While well, Wellmark soon flowed. Wellmark only delivers qualitative high-quality products and that immediately reflects the chic and luxury packaging.

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Wellmark products
All wellmark products are produced locally by people with a distance to the labor market. For example, the range of this brand consists of the Wellmark hand soap, bath salts and various refills to replenish your products when they are up. The nice quotes that you find on the bottles of Wellmark conjure up a smile on your face. "May All Your Troubles Be Bubbles."

At Wellmark they continue to evolve and strive for even better products. For example, at Wellmark only use Vegan products. Their products do not contain palm oil, sles and parabens. At Wellmark they also say no to plastic! That's why you find some glass packaging with them.

Discover here All products from Wellmark that we selected in our range!

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