Cocon Nest

You will find beautiful baby nests back in the range of De Gele Flamingo of Konges Slojd Jollein Cotton & Sweets , .... These are not just wondermaking, however also have a super beautiful function!

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Your baby has a wonderful sensation in the belly for 9 months. If your child should lie in a large bed after birth, this doesn't feel very safe. That is why the cocoon nests are a real musthave for the naps of your newborn baby.

These baby nests feel just as small and narrow and salvaged as the feeling in the womb. You can retain that safe feeling with the super-cute baby nests. You put this nest with you in bed, in the cradle or in the crib in the first few months. A lot of options so!

Discover all cocoon nests here in the range of De Gele Flamingo! 


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