Stapelstein is a German brand, founded by Stephan. He noted that too little attention was paid to the basic needs of kids, namely their natural movement urge. That is why they went looking at a way to stimulate the movement incentives, also in small spaces with an eye on sustainability.

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Stapelstein Balance Set

With the balance sets from Stapelstein are you continuing to develop the motor skills of your capon. These stacking stones ask to think more out of the box. This brand focuses on creative toys that can be used multi-functionally.

Are you going to challenge? Do you submit creative solutions with the balancing sets of Stapelstein?

The Balance Board Sets exist in different colors and you choose yourself how many pieces there must be in your balance set. Do you like one color in different shades, as neutral as possible or do you prefer a nice rainbow with these toys? Stapelstein has it all and you and your little one can enjoy these toys endless.

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