Mushie is an American brand in the baby sector established in 2018 by Mushie and Levi Figenson. At mushy they pull out the Scandinavian design in all their products. Due to their frequent use of pastel and earth tones, the child's products of mushie are still perfect in your living space. 

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food with mushie in house

You cover the table in style with the cutlery of mushy. First of all, you start with the nice silicone placemat and the Mushie silicone bib. This silicone bib has a handy tray. This way your baby can mess at the table. The bib is washable by hand and is available in different prints and colors. You can even match them with your kid-proof cutlery, eating signs, ...

In addition, you will also find mushie platescutleryDrinking cup, and soup bowls. The food becomes a real party with these beautiful items. The Bowls and mushy plates can take a beating. Kidsproof and beautiful in the interior! Tasty! These plates are dishwasher and microwave safe

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