At Moonie, you find the sweetest hugs for your little darling. These hugs give light in the dark and keep your baby quiet through soft sounds.

The Moonie cuddles boost the sound of the womb. A perfect birth gift. Your baby feels safe with his favorite Moonie.

Which is your favorite? A Moonie bear or a sweet bunny? It is guaranteed to be the best friend of your little one!

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Why do Moonie cuddly toys light and make sounds?

These cuddles have five different positions for sound and light. You choose from 5 natural and calming sounds that promote peaceful sleep. You can also opt for five differently LED lights. These come from the stomach of the cuddle bear.

The lights let your little darling trigger a safe natural environment, like the uterus. They secure your little one and relax him or her. If your little one starts crying, the Smart Cry detector in the hug ensures that your capon is immediately comforted.

Discover all the stuffed animals here that we selected in our range of Moonie!


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