Trybike is a Dutch brand that was founded 10 years ago by Pim and Alex. In 2015 they chose to develop their balance bike and they have succeeded in it.

As two cycling enthusiasts, they now create the first bikes for the novice cyclists among us. Designed and developed with love.

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Trybike 2-in-1 balance bike

This brand aims to learn your capon and bicycles. They want to make it fun and easy for the little ones. The Trybike Steel 2-in-1 uses 2 different ways.

First of all, it is important to learn to walk and learn your little child with the tricycle of Trybike. In this way, your little capon learns to run with a lot of stability, then learns to drive with the Trybike running bike. You can easily get a two-wheeler. So, transform your tricycle into a bicycle!


And how do you complete this balance bike completely? With a nice Wicker bicycle basket of course. The pop or favorite cuddle of your little adventurer also has its place on the bike. So he or she always cruises around now!

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