Studio Noos

Studio Noos was established from an emergency to storage bags for the mums. With their love of Fashion, Studio Noos makes beautiful handmade bags. These bags are handmade by a foundation in the Netherlands.

Here people get the chance to work with distance to the labor market. Together with their love for creating and dressmaking, these handmade items become real gems.

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Studio Noos MOM BAG

In this mom bags Mount you all what you need to the relocation of your little darling. They are available in various fabrics, colors, and prints, .... any different fabrics that are used are there for everyone's wills!

Matchy Toiletry bags

In addition to the nice mom bags, you will also find nice Toilet bags. In this, you can perfectly store loose baby care such as pampers and wet wipes. All toilet bags from Studio Noos can be perfect in the Diaper bag or just use to get your makeup in to mount! They are super matchy with your mom bag in the nice teddy fabric.

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