Which bottle do you choose best for your child? There are a lot of different baby bottles available in our range of Avent and < A href="" title="Lansinoh"> Lansinoh , storage jars of powdy or Thermobaby , .... In short, choice enough!

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Avent anti-column
The choice of baby bottle depends on the age of your capoen the size of your baby determines the choice of your bottle . You will also find the Avent Anti-colic Baby bottles back with us. This baby bottle reduces intestinal cramps and reflux. And your child suffers much less from Boers with the anti-column baby bottle!

AVENT Baby bottles Cleaning
Clean the baby bottles from your child is super brokering and with the bottles of brushes that you find in our assortment you do this in no- Time! This avent Cleaning brushes are available in multiple colors and they are available Are specially designed to thoroughly clean all bottles, teats and storage pots!

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