The meaning of the word 'Alwero' is respect for nature, people and traditions. All products that you find at Alwero are handmade from wool. It is a family business that was founded to create something at the end of the 1990s.

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at alwero combine the old traditions and technical innovation. In this way they always develop products with the right comfort at Alwero. The knowledge that they have acquired at Alwero, their craftsmanship and the love of the wool ensured that the products of Alwero are known worldwide in the meantime.

Alwero slippers
We are a super large fan of the slopes of Alwero at the yellow flamingo. These are always made from 100% wool. The sole of these slippers have a non-slip so that your child is not easily slips. These slippers are also always available in an adult version! If you match these fun slippers together with your child. How nice!

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