The story of CarlijnQ started when the first child of Carlijn Quirijnen, Doris, was born. Her little daughter inspired her to design a clothing line for babies and children.

This Dutch Brand CarlijnQ is for playful designs that are produced in a sustainable way. The CarlijnQ Items immediately recognize you to the nice prints. These go from a tractor to a candy or a cheerful Happy Days Quote.

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Mix and match with CarlijnQ
How about a nice carlijnq Dress or skirt? Or does your flamingo prefer to play in a nice Short and top , with a matching bathing suit of course! Do you like to Mix and match ? Then you can use the large or small brother and matching Bermuda or sweater attract

At CarlijnQ they bring one print often several times in different items of clothing. So your kids are super nice and matched! The nice thing about these clothes from Carlijnq is that your kids are super comfortable in it and can romp endlessly with it!

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