Linea Mama Baby

The Italian Brand Linea Mamma Baby was founded in 1944. This company has meanwhile become one of the best-known care brands for babies. At Linea baby they produce Care products of the highest quality. These are suitable for babies and the parents!

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Linea Mamma Baby Collection
The sun cream from Linea Mamma Baby is a real topper in their assortment. You can easily apply this cream with the spray and lubricate very well. Also handy is the disinfectant and feeding hand spray from Linea Baby. With this spray you disinfect the hands of your little one without drying them out.

Linea Mamma Baby Lice Protection
Are your kids going to school already? Then you may have had experience with lice. Not fun and that say Linea Mamma Baby No! This brand has developed a natural solution for lice. This is a Preventive lotion of that of The hair of your little one makes an extremely unpleasant environment for lice. As a follow-up treatment there is also the Linea mamma shampoo Against lice.

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