At de Gele Flamingo you will find everything to have your capon everywhere and always Safe to play, sleep, .... Are you going to an event for kids where there is some noise? Then, you have to protect the little ears of your baby with a good hearing protection.

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With the range of De Gele Flamingo, your little darling is safe :

  • If he or she goes out with a good Alecto Hearing Protection or Mosquito protection,
  • If he or she plays in the sun with good sun protection such as a Sun hat, Linea sun cream, Izipizi sunglasses, ...
  • If he or she plays on the upper floor with a closed Childhome stair gate on the stairs, he or she plays on the tablet with Reading glasses from Izipizi to protect the eyes from blue light.
  • If he or she sleeps and the mom and dad can hear everything through the Baby monitor from Avent if something goes wrong with your child. Wake up.

Discover the full range of safety from De Gele Flamingo here.


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