Moi Mili

Moi Mili is a Polish brand. You conjure every room in a real paradise for your child. This way you have the super cozy and wonderful Moi Mili cushions. These are available in all kinds of different colors. This > Pillows from Moi Mili always have a super beautiful and sleek shape of a shell, leaf, ....

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In addition to the MOI MILI Cushions, you will also find soft Play Alarms and a super fun Tipi tent in the assortment! This is how you make a super cozy < /Span> Corner in your living room or your child's bedroom. The Moi Mili carpetes are the perfect playing carlies for your child. With this tap your child also gently falls and he or she has a super soft surface.

Do you know what makes the Moi Mili brand more special? The entire collection becomes always with the Handmade . You can handle the carpetes, cushion, tipi tents at 30 °.

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