Charlie Crane

Charlie Crane develops baby and children's furniture from their headquarters in Paris. Charlie Crane was founded by Thomas Lépine in 2013. He aims with this nice brand wonderful and stylish furniture to create your baby.

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Charlie crane furniture

This is how you find the best furniture back In our range of Charlie Crane such as the Levo Bench seats, Kimi baby cots, Levo rockers, etc. The Kimi baby cots are easy to form an open bed. If your child is ready to sleep in a large bed, I simply adjust this baby cot from Charlie Crane so that it turns into an open bed.

Levo baby bouncers

The Levo Bouncers by Charlie Crane are a real must in the first early months of your newborn child. In this bouncer, your baby can play with the Activity Arch. You choose your favorite pillow yourself in your baby rocker by Charlie Crane. Both nice solid prints and cushions with nice trendy prints.

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