Does your capon also like to play with his or her favorite dolls ? These often go everywhere and do not go away from the side of your child. So cute and so nice how you can dress these dolls, take care of, ...

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At the Gele Flamingo you will find many dolls and accessories that would really like your child in his or her collection !

  • The Fabelab dolls are super cute and with the thin legs and arms these dolls can easily be recorded by your child. Or are you a fan of the beautiful lifelike dolls of Minikane?
  • You dress your Minikane doll fully with the by astrup blouses, pants, skirts, ...
  • You can also drive your baby with her doll everywhere with the nice kid's concept doll pram .
  • You can even find fun doll beds by Done by Deer or a Moses basket for your favorite fabelab doll. This is how the doll sleeps nicely next to your child's bed.
  • The bed completely turns you to the Cotton & amp; Sweets Bed sets . You will also find a nice doll Diningset < /a> from petit monkey.

Discover all dolls and accessories here in the Gele Flamingo !


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