Alecto has been active with their business for over 40 years. At Alecto they develop smart and affordable products. These items make daily family life more practical, more comfortable and safer. These values ​​always brings back alecto in each product that they produce.

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Alecto Hearing Protection
It is extremely important that you sufficiently protect your child's ears when exposed to strong sounds. This is often the case at a festival. You can find more festivals back for the whole family, super fun of course, but extremely important that you have a good Hearing protection provides.

The Alecto hearing protection dampens harmful and loud sounds, but does not complete your child from the ambient noise. This hearing protection from Alecto is Compact and light. So you can easily take it everywhere!

Alecto hearing protection are suitable for children from 18 months and available in all kinds of fun colors ! A party to wear so for your child!

Alecto baby monitors
You will find all kinds of baby monitors back in our assortment of Alecto . That way you also have the Alecto baby monitor with camera. These baby monitors ensure a safe Feeling for the parents. You are always completely aware of what your child is doing. Super handy! And some Baby monecto baby monectors even have a back suspension!

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