Little Dreamers

Little Dreamers is a Dutch furniture design studio specifically focused on children's furniture. It is a small-scale company founded in 2017 by Rik and Yvonne. They started in a small workshop, however soon Little Dreamers expanded to a successful brand with high-quality kid beds.

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Years of Fun

The children's beds of Little Dreamers are made so that they last for years in the room of your capon. They could also come along in the teenage years. So you have years of fun of this purchase.

Little Dreamers Bed Loua

The bed Loua is a Loft bed. The perfect solution such as the children's room is somewhat smaller. In this way, there is a whole play area for your capon under their bed.

This cot from Little Dreamers also has a showrek. There you can give some things a nice place. This loft bed is suitable for kids from 6 years. With the stairs, your little one takes place to his or her bed.

Are your kids sleeping together in one room? Then you can combine the loft bed Loua super easily with the bed loua . You create a Loft bed for your little treasures. In this way, you focus on a very nice corner with a playful effect.

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