Minikane is a French brand and your go to if you are looking for a new doll! At Minikane people have not only an eye for the beautiful dolls, also for the environment. They do this by giving items a second life used for an exhibition, photo shoot.

For example, they want to make people aware that you do not throw everything away immediately, demonstrate something with small gestures.

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Dress your head to Teen!
Minikane's sweet dolls with their oh so cute faces want to be your best friend! You make these dolls beautiful with wonderful doll clothes and accessories . Caps, hair bands, dresses, you name it! You think so much to get your favorite doll completely nice!

Minikane Moses Basket
There are even minikane Moses Baskets for the doll of your little capon! How cute is that? This Moses basket has two sturdy handles in cognac color. This is how your little darling takes his or her doll everywhere!

Discover all children's dolls here that we selected from Minikane !


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