Timio is a Superjong brand that has been active since 2020 . This brand is currently active in 60 countries. Wow!

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Educational Toys from Timio
at Timio They always inspire themselves through our kids in developing super fun educational toys. Timio aimed to help the vocabulary, intellect and fantasy of your capons Grow . Timio's items are also durable, go for years and ensure many hours of play!

Timio extension set
the Timio Audio and music player comes with 5 discs. With this audio and music player of Timio, your child teaches words, numbers, songs and fairy tales in 8 languages. This Timio audio player is suitable for kids from 2 years. You can expand this player with the different extension sets from our assortment.

This Timio expansion sets have different themes such as over marine animals, fruit, vegetables, shapes, .... All kinds of options and the expansion set always contains 5 different discs for your Timio audio player.

Discover the Timio Player with the corresponding expansion sets in our range!


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