Senger Naturwelt

Senger Naturwelt is a German company. At Senger, they make beautiful and durable cuddly toys that are irreplaceable. Furthermore, they make kids items with interest to ecologic and qualitive materials.

In this way, they last for generations! So you can just pass your cuddly toy to your child, how nice is that?

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Senger Naturwelt heat pillow

In addition to the irreplaceable friendship that receives your capon of this fun Senger Naturwelt cuddly toyit is also once a heating pad. In the stuffed animals, you will find a removable cotton bag with spelling.

These, you warm up in the oven (not the microwave!). Do you like your little one cooling down a bit in the summer? Then you just put it for half an hour in the freezer!

Use of secure materials

Moreover, this brand ensures that the cuddly toys are made from natural materials, without harmful fabrics! So you should not be worried if your child nibbled on his or her favorite cuddle. Which is your favorite? Prefer the Senger goose or a nice bear from Senger Naturwelt?

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