Modu consists of a team of designers, dreamers, and doers situated in Copenhagen. They have one in mind one by one. Playful toys create sustainability.

With the game kits of Modu, you experience infinitely playing. And that is their goal. In specific, you have the Modu explorer, curiosity, and dreamer kit. YAY, let's play!

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Modu Curiosity Kit

You create with the toys of Modu lifelike own creations. The Curiosity kit is a basic set with modular blocks from Modu. Your little one learns to balance, wiggle, jump, ride, ... with this toy.

You do this by first crafting something nice together, which is perfect for the motor skills of your child. This kit contains 15 parts including 3 blocks, 6 bars, and 4 wheels.

Modu Dreamer Kit

The Modu Dreamer Kit will take you another step further. Are you going to accept this challenge? Because this is the full option!

You create more than 12 unique and life-size creations along with your child. Then your toddler can continue rolling bulbs, riding, jumping, play,...

The Modu toys grow together with your kids for years. This kit contains 35 parts of which 7 blocks, 158 bars, and 8 wheels.

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