Hello Hossy

Hello Hossy was founded by the lucky parents, Murielle and Ludo. Hello Hossy creates original, quirky , colorful, creative and characterful caps for all children. And how nice is it if you have a matching cap with your mom or dad? So cute, and a real team together!

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Characteristic Hello Hossy Hats
Hello Hossy hello Hose have a quirky character. They want to distinguish themselves from the rest and have already succeeded perfectly there! The Petten exist in many different colors and prints . With a Hello Hossy Cap on your small capon is super cool, but at the same time superfly too. They are made of 80% recycled polyester and 20% organic cotton.

Quality and comfort!
At Hello Hossy, it is very good value to the quality of their caps and the comfort for the kids. The intention is that they are proud to carry these hats and feel very comfortable .

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