Sticky Lemon

Sticky Lemon is a English Brand, founded in 2016. This note stands for quirky, bold, colorful and sunny designs. Did you always see it back in Sticky Lemon items. This way you will find super cute books bags, stockings, ... back from Sticky Lemon. STICKY LEMON also has a lot of different straps that ensure that your child's backpack does not sink, ....

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sticky lemon stockings
with the Stockings from Sticky Lemon your child is guaranteed the hippest at the playground! These are super fun designed here and you will see the quirky touch from Sticky Lemon completely back! Only for the real durers! 😉

sticky lemon backpacks
the Backpacks by Sticky Lemon are made from recycled pet bottles . These backcards have a reinforced soil, a cup holder and a separate inner compartment that can be excluded with Velcro. The front pocket of this Sticky Lemon backpack is lockable with a sturdy white zipper.

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