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The founder of Everleigh & Me started with her brand when her baby was 4 months old. When her hood began to eat solid food, she was impressed by how the meal ended up in a cleaning party. So she went looking for a solution that saves her here! 

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Know with Everleigh & Me

At Everleigh & Me, they attach great importance to your beautiful floor. To protect it, the moisture cat is, therefore, a perfect solution. These splat mats from Everleigh & Me are circle formation and are therefore perfect to lay under the high chair of your baby.

This way you protect your beautiful, new floor and can eat and play with your little one with a confident heart. Of course without having to worry about the floor!

These playing mats are also suitable to use outside. You will find the motion mats from Everleigh & Me in different colors. The Clay Mat is very calm and light whereas the Camel Carpet is rather hot and just giving that tad more to your dining room.

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