Dekornik was founded by Kasia "Bachor". Her inspiration to set up her brand, came from Paris from the wonderful decorations in mini boutiques at the Montmartre. So it happened, in December 2009, Dekornik was born.

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Dekornik focus on children's rooms

Only from 2014, Kasia decided to focus on what they got out of the most fun. And that was of course the design of children's rooms. Yay! So you can now also find these most beautiful wall stickers and wallpaper back in our assortment!

Dekornik creates magic children's rooms

You dress the children's room super cozy with the most beautiful wallpaper in all kinds of different themes. So you will find a nice Savanna Wonderland set, the mini set wall stickers with golden stars, a wonderful Magnolias wall sticker, .... Infinitely many options and you make your unique and magical children's room.

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