The Wobbel has its origins in the Waldorf schools. The international name for what we know in Belgium is the Steiner school and in the Netherlands as the free school. Wobbel BV released the classic Balance board in a contemporary design and with new additives.

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The Wobbel stimulates and uses balance and power in the game. The sign supports a playful but very effective way to Body awareness and balance. By using the board to turn along, muscle groups can be strengthened and stretched. This applies to both (young) children as well as adults and the elderly.

Beautiful Wobbels

The Wobbel is made from carefully stacked and pressed layers of beech wood and has a unique curvature. As desired, the wimp can be colored and felt or cork.

The wobbel is the only toy that you don't have to clean up through its shape and appearance. It is beautiful in every living room. The Wobbel is intended for inside but it can also be used outside if carefully used.


Children discover themselves the infinite possibilities of the Wobbel. For example, it is an ideal stepping stone to make dinner together in the kitchen or to bake cookies and cake.

All Wobbels are manufactured in Europe from FSC certified plantations and EKO Wolvilt and finished in the Netherlands.

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