A Little Lovely Company

This Dutch brand is a lifestyle brand for all kids, founded in 2014. With a Little Little Lovely Company, they have the goal to make daily life a bit more enjoyable for you.

They produce unique, quality products at a Little Lovely Company. This company is known in 50 countries, both small and large retailers. All children's products are manufactured the global health and safety standards.

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Ready for school with a little lovely company!
at a little lovely company you will find all kinds of fun < A href="https://www.degeleflamingo.com/apps/omega-search/?type=product&amp ;Options%5bunavailable_products%5d=last&amp ;Options%5bPreFix%5d=last&q=a%20little%20Lovely%20Company % 20 drink bottle & amp; p = 1 "title =" a little lovely company drinking bottle "> drinking bottles , bread boxes and of course Also a nice backpack to store all those schoolitems. A Little Lovely Company Backpack is available in super nice Prints and are very spacious.

This backpack from a little lovely company has A large compartment and a few handy side pockets. The shoulder straps of these backpacks are adjustable and has an extra buckle at the front. That's how your child is ready for a new school week!

Time to Nap
Also your child never sleeps in the dark with the nice Night lights . These lights are super nice and in the form of a cloud, a cool sourceosaurus or a sweet swan !

In addition to these nice night lights, you will also find an A Little Lovely Company Star projectors ! This unique lamp projects stars on the ceiling of your baby. Your child falls asleep under this beautiful starry sky!

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