Stokke is a wonderful brand that has been high-quality products for kids for decades. In the products of Stokke you see their passion for Scandinavian Design. During the production of Stokke's items, one goal is always central: 'Stimulating the development of children and strengthen the solidarity with their family'. We love it!

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Stokke tripp Trapp
Do you find only sustainable products at Stokke. You see that especially at the tripp trapp dining chairs from Stokke Very bad. These have a timeless Design , so fit perfectly in your interior. In addition, they also think of growing opportunities at Stokke. The high chairs are adjustable and people can sit up to 110 kg on this tripp trapp.

The tripp trapp dining chairs can be found in different colors . So you absolutely tune this high chair on your interior!

Stokke Flexi Bath
You will also find the flexi baths from Stokke in our assortment! Just like the Tripp Trapp seats are available in different colors. These bathtubs install your Super Simple on a standard of Stokke, so that you can wash your child at your own height.

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