Clean up! Not always the best assignment for your child & the mommy's after playing, however with the nice Storage baskets, crates of Childhome Eef Lillemor Lego , ... it is a pleasure to clean up your child's toys!

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Eef Lillemor Crates

The Eef Lillemor crates don't just look great, however they are also super handful! These crates of Eef Lillemor are available in different sizes. A crate for the smallest toys of your child, one for the small toys and then the maxi crate for your child's big toys!

Do you no longer need the crates? You simply fold them to easily store them!

LEGO Storage boxes

Also the Lego Storage boxes are super handy to store your child's toys in! These storage boxes are equipped with a lid, so super handy to stack! These storage boxes from LEGO are also available in different sizes. One for the little toys and also a storage box for the big toys of course!

Discover all storage boxes in the range of De Gele Flamingo! 


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