Teepees And Playhouses

With the Moi Mili and Nobodinoz teepees, you create a super cozy corner in your child's room or just in the living room!

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Nobodinoz kids teepees

The traditional Nobodinoz teepees are available in different colors. Each time with a timeless design, so that the play tents fit perfectly in your interior! It is beautiful as home decoration and easy to assemble!

You dress this teepee with a soft play mat and cushions and so your child has a full-own corner to rest, play quietly, play hide and seek, ...!

Moi Mili play tents

You also find the Moi Mili teepee tents now at De Gele Flamingo. These are so beautiful and give the room the final touch! You wash this teepee Easy at 30 degrees.

The play tents from Moi Mili are perfect to have three children play in. Things they could do in there? Hide play and relax!

Discover all tents here in the range of De Gele Flamingo!


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