Plantoys was founded by vitell viraponsavan in 1981. It is a toy manufacturer with care for nature. It is the first company that uses rubberwood and waste reduces to the minimum. And whether they succeed!

Plantoys use Resthout to create Planwood. In addition, they use non-formaldehyde adhesives, recyclable packaging, and water-based ink. Not just good for the environment, you also create beautiful toys with it! And with child safety in mind.

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You can play with Plantoys

Plantoys have a lot of toys in their range. These go from a Plantoys garage to a piggy bank to a wooden detective set and a desk. A lot of hours of playing with the wooden garage from Plantoys.

This black garage also fits your interior perfectly. You will find a motorway and 2 small cars back in the Plantoys box. This toy is suitable for kids from 3 years.

Draw on with chalk

Is your child a real creative? Then the Plantoys Design Desk Table Really is something for your little one. Finally, he or she can just draw on the table! How nice is that?

This desk has a tabletop on which toddlers can color with chalk. You will find two spacious storage compartments for storage. The set consists of 1 table and 1 seat and can be ordered separately. Your toddler can draw nicely his or her favorite drawings, YAY!


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