Misioo is the world leader with its design ball bins at the moment. All items are CE-certified and fully produced in Poland. They, therefore, meet the set safety standards for children and its BPA.

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Hours Game Fun

Your child experiences hours of playing pleasure in his or her favorite Misioo Ball Pool. However, the parents also enjoy a nice timeless design in their living space.

You only complete this mini attraction in your living room with the Misioo wooden slide. So they slide 100 times from the slide right in their favorite ball pool.

You wash the cover in the washing machine at 30 degrees. Super handy! This ball pit remains like new.

Misioo Ball Pools

You set up your ball pool of Misioo. You can find the pool in all kinds of soft colors, sizes, and shapes. And also with the Balls, you can combine endless colors. You buy them in sets of 50 balls.

With four sets, your ball pool is filled around 1/3. So it could be a bit more playful? Then just choose four different colors in the ball pit! Would you prefer to keep it neutral? Then you can choose four sets in the same shades of color.

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