AAI AAI is a nice brand with an even more beautiful story. At AAI AAA they make every product with the hand . This is done by people with a small backlog or limitation. For example, AAI AAI can support the sheltered workshop in Mol with every product.

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AAI AAI provides the most beautiful hats, hairbands, hibernating scarves for your little capon. There are all kinds of different types of Beanies by Aai Aai. So you have the RIB Beanie in gray , olive color , .... But also the standard 'Hi' hats from AAI AAI with or without a nice Pompon!

They even think of the favorite pop from your child. From now on the pop is completely assorted with your child with their favorite AAI AAI hat! You can now also completely get dressed with the aai aai collection . You now also find a nice ai aai doll set Beanie & amp; Dress. Wow, so beautiful!

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