Liezelijn was founded in 2013 by the proud owner Lies. Liezelijn consists of two words: Lies en Lijn. Here she gives her style in 1 word. Liezelijn stands for simplicity.

Lies was in main professional teacher and decided to take the big step in 2019 to go completely for Liezelijn.

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Time for a party!

Every birthday is a real party with the best crowns of Liezelijn at home. These Birthday diadems are available in many different colors. Yellow, green, red, pink, .... You will definitely find your favorite color crown! 

Do you know what is also a nice extra? Each crown got its name, CoralieJulesRemus, ... . Who knows, maybe the name of your child comes up in the Liezelijn crowns.

Birthday party with Liezelijn

The birthday crowns of Liezelijn you close through Velcro and have the safe numbers buttons. You use these pretty crowns every year by changing the button to the age of your capon. The crown comes with the number 1 & 2. The minimum main circumference is 43 cm and the maximum main circumference is 54 cm. The crowns were 100% homemade in super soft cotton.

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