CRÉA LIGN was founded in 1994. At Créa Lignur, they constantly develop products that stimulate creativity and fantasy of your child. This brand always sets the safety . An external company constantly tests the products from Créalign and ensures that they are completely safe for your little UK.

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Stamping with Créa Ligne
We have a lot of fun items in our assortment of Créalign. This way you will find all kinds of nice stamps back to stamping , also on wood, ink in a lot of fun colors, .... The stamps of Créa Lignur have super good fun forms. This is how you have stamps in the form of savannah animals, ocean fish, ABC stamps, farm, ....

With the créalign Stamp sets On Hout, your child now makes the most beautiful works of art on a sturdy Wooden sign. These sets are three wooden plates, three stencils, four inkets and a cord to show the work of art show off in your interior! This stamp sets from Créa Lignur are suitable for kids from 5 years.

Discover all the stamps and ink cartridges from Créalign in our assortment!

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