Janod is a French brand that started in Organet in 1970. This brand specializes in the manufacture of wooden toys, puzzles, and board games. Every item goes through a thoroughly creative and qualitative process to offer your kids the very best. The intention is that the products do children dream, learn & fantasize. 

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The play corner of your little baby is only complete with the Janod toy. This goes from super nice Multi trains, the takeaway magnetic book to infinitely many beautiful Puzzles. Janod offers Wooden inlay puzzles suitable for kids from 1 year and puzzles with 200 pieces if your puzzle wonder is a bit bigger. The Puzzle cases can be convenient for a sleeping party at the grandparents. These children's puzzles are in a sturdy toy case with a handle.

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Year after year it manages to address a new generation of children with their educational and strong toys. The products radiate pure nostalgia for us as parents and are child-friendly, simple, and educational to our little flamingos. So a win-win!

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