Blafre is a Norwegian Family business that was founded in 2005. This company offers an extensive collection of drinking bottles, lunch boxes & amp; Snack boxes.

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Unique lunch boxes from Blafre
Are you looking for a unique bread box for your little capon? Then the Blafre lunch boxes really for you! At Blafre they produce lunch boxes in all kinds of various fun forms. This way you have the tractor lunch box from Blafre and a lunch box in the shape of an owl. So nice and also super Original !

Blafre's bread boxes always have a separate box . This way you can keep the food of your child separated well and hiding another dessert in the separate box or a nice fruit.

Drinking bottles
Do you also have all kinds of Drinking bottles in different sizes. This way you have 300 ml drinking bottle, 500 ml and 750 ml. This Thermal Drinking bottles keep your caps drink a whole day nice and fresh! The Blafre drinking cans always have a swivel cap in a nice color.

You have the option to buy a handy drinking spout in a nice color. This drinking spout turns your little one simply on her or his Blafre drinking bottle.

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